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The Ghanaian real estate market has seen significant expansion due to the rapid growth of the Ghanaian economy and the influx of foreign investors into the country. Demand for various types of properties is on the increase coupled with a shortage for housing stock has led the government to implement various programmes to boost housing supply. Private investors consist of about 90 percent of the residential and commercial markets

The government is pursuing affordable Housing Programs aim to build over 200,000 units of affordable housing via Private Public Partnerships (PPP) across the country. This has opened up immense opportunities in the real estate and construction sector including:

Affordable housing – of which reports indicate a shortfall of 1.7m Industrial and Commercial buildings and or centres throughout the country particularly in Accra, Ashanti, Western and Eastern regions Shopping Centres & recreational spaces including leisure centres Hotels and hostels for tertiary institutions.

Other opportunities exist for partnership with local companies seeking financing assistance for real estate projects, equipment and training.

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