Identifying The Right Opportunities

Our partnership with the relevant bodies and the Government of Ghana (GOG) allows us access to investment opportunities:

We can source investment opportunities across sectors

Assist you in identifying the right opportunity for your business goals and objectives

We can organise meetings with the relevant influencers and decision makers in each sector

We can facilitate and help you manage the investment process

We can advocate at governmental and ministerial levels for your successful contract bidding process

We can connect you with the relevant Ministers in your sector to ensure that for each investment opportunity sector you are fully aware of corporate social responsibility, legal, tax, employment etc.

Dynamic One-Stop Services

We can facilitate access to influencers and decision makers across the value chain:

Government officials

Business registration

Ghana Revenue Services


Other Relevant bodies

We can arrange all aspect of your visit to Ghana including meetings with all required business professionals:

potential distributors/agents, potential clients

Business & Law Specialists

Tax, Grants and Incentives

Employment Specialists

Business premises and estimated costs

We can manage paperwork and ‘bureaucracy’ on your behalf

We can develop a bespoke and tailored service according to client company needs

Id relevant information/resources to help client companies bid for project (client companies can also let us know what local information the need and we will source it for them)

Local Operations

With our experience, local knowledge and connections we can provide

Local content


Networking/meeting with local partners

Partnering with you to provide assistance until your

business is successfully established on the ground in Ghana

Undertake business/market intelligence: qualitative and quantitative research

Business development activities as identified by Direct Access Ghana or the client company

Facilitate introductions and referrals (including scheduling face to face meetings)

Ensure and advise on compliance

Work with you to manage political risk, environmental risk and community (where appropriate) buy-in and support

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