Our Mandate

Direct Access Ghana (DAG) is the emergence of a new platform which brings together tailor made investment opportunities in Ghana and prospective foreign investors. DAG is a private enterprise, which partners with the Government of Ghana to bring foreign direct investment into Ghana. The partnership developed when the successful business endeavours & development projects by Abbeam Group CEO: Abbeam Ampomah Danso was noted by the office of the President of Ghana. As a show of active support, the GOG mandated (but not retained) him to bring foreign inward investment into Ghana

The mandate from the office of the President of Ghana, gives DAG a unique position and opportunity in a crowded market place. The mandate, coupled with experience, deep cultural knowledge and understanding, extensive local and governmental networks and connections, broad and all-embracing social networks and links, enables us to provide unparalleled services to potential foreign businesses and investors wishing to trade and establish a presence in Ghana.

Our Values

We aim to work and partner with companies who operate from a platform of corporate, social and environmental responsibility. Thus helping to ensure that development is not achieved at the expense of social or environmental factors. Our hope is that our work will impact individual lives as well as communities, businesses as well as the environment, whilst in the process opening opportunities for sustainable development, skills transfer, employment and innovation
We are fiercely focussed on the core values underpinning all our business practices: deliverability, professionalism and integrity.

Our People



  • Evelyn Annan

  • Graham Hickson-Smith

  • Ma Li

    • Paul Williams

    • Ndubuisi Kejeh

    • Michael Anim

    • Dan Wangi

    • Irene Asare

    • Michael Danso

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